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National Football League (NFL) is a professional American Football League, which represents a figure among the four leagues of the major professional sports in North America. It consists of 32 teams between the national football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC) are divided. High professional level of the sport in the world, regular season NFL 17 weeks, one week after labor day until the week after Christmas with each race plays sixteen games and were one week bye each season. 32 teams in the League, six (four winners of the Division and two wild card teams) in each Conference in the NFL playoffs to compete a single-elimination tournament, culminating in the Super Bowl will be played between the champions of the NFC and AFC. The Super Bowl winner receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. There are various other scholarships to recognize individual player. Most of the games will take place on Sunday afternoon; Some games are played during the regular season also on Mondays and Thursdays. Saturday, there are playoff games the first weekend in two. Sometimes it is set Saturday in the last weeks of the regular season for a.

The NFL was on August 20, 1920 as the American professional football Conference The League changed its name to the American Professional Football Association (APFA) at 17: 00. September 1920 and changed its name to the National Football League on June 24, 1922 in the 1920 and 1921 as the APFA seasons. in 1966, the NFL decided with rival of American Football League (AFL), 1970 to merge effective; at the end of the season even in January 1967, the first Super Bowl took place. Today is the NFL has the highest average attendance of any League of professional sports in the world  and the master is always popular sport in the State in the United States. The Super Bowl is one of the largest sports club of in the world, and in the name of the games events Super Bowl separately for many of the TV-show most viewed in American history. on the group level, the NFL is connection, a non-profit organization 501. Managing Director of the NFL , is, that the Commissioner powers in the League.

Each team can up to 53 players during the regular season, but only 46 can be active (to play the right) on the day of the game. Teams have exclusive rights free agents, the three seasons in the big leagues of Dutch, but free agents who have been in the League for at least four years login to sign with a team of their choice. each team is champion of last season, the Seattle Seahawks 2013 season, who defeated Denver Broncos by a score of 43-8 in the Super Bowl XLVIII subject to a Salary Cap. The team with the most Championships is the Green Bay Packers, have won 13 Championships.

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